Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Checkout 51: A Convenient Way to Coupon with your Smartphone

I just discovered this app, Checkout 51, which has coupons (typically for $0.25 - $1.00) for a variety of items that change periodically (typically once a week.)  They have the usual suspects like eggs, milk, butter, crackers, ramen noodles, etc. plus other random items (Swiftjet pads, orange juice, air fresheners, etc.)  While, I'm not a fan of couponing in general, I tend to favor the model that Checkout 51 uses..  specifically:

  • No clipping or printing of coupons.  Just open the app and see if the item you bought has a coupon.
  • Simply scan the receipt and select the coupon you want to redeem.
  • There are no limits to which stores you must shop and it doesn't matter if the store doesn't accept coupons.  Sometimes the coupons aren't brand specific (i.e. any milk, any yogurt, etc.)
  • When you accumulate $20, you can redeem your rewards via a check in the mail.
I must say that the selection is a bit limited but there's usually a coupon for at least one brand-neutral item that most of us buy on a daily basis like milk, bread, or eggs.  If you're into couponing or free money, it's still hard justifying not passing up on such deals.

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